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At fnb we offer various types of incentives to the customers. One of the incentives our customers enjoy is the convenience of the fnb internet banking and this recent, fun and innovative feature is readily available to any of our customers who might be interested in it. As a customer, you will be able to carrying out several banking services very fast online without too much hassle. The features offered by this new technology are very great, saves time and you don’t need to go to your branch to have them done to you, internet banking makes life easier because you can check your account anytime whenever you need without any barrier.

internet banking with fnb

One of the best things about the online banking is that you won’t have to physically go to your bank for balances or call for the same, this technique is more suitable to the disabled and those who lack transport because they can simply log into their account and do any transaction from their personal computers or phone. This service is very convenient to those with an inability to move easily.

 what makes fnb internet banking so good?

What makes www.fnb.co.za internet banking easier is that you will only need to have a personal computer with internet service connected to it and you can do this at the comfort of your home or office. For you to access internet banking services, you will only need to secure your savings and/or checking accounts with the bank and automatically set up your internet banking account online. You may be needed to choose a username and a unique password for your account to be safe. After everything is done, you can log on to your bank account online, check your account and generally check if all is okay and correct. When your account is up and running you can now view the hottest features this banking service has in offer.


 normal VS internet banking with fnb bank

You can use your fnb internet banking to carry out your normal banking services doing deposits and doing withdrawals conveniently when you want. With online banking, you will be assured that you’ll get an up to date balance and you’ll notice if your slips are in and have been paid accordingly. All the transactions you will do on your internet banking account will instantly appear on your account so you will not have to worry of any erroneous activities with your account. You can also use your fnb online internet banking internet banking option to transfer funds from one account to another easily like when you need some extra cash in your checking account, you will be able to easily to this by transferring cash online from your savings account to the checking account.


With fnb internet banking you will be able to pay bills and do online shopping easily from your checking account. You can do this by giving the bank your instructions online with the list of all the bills you want to be settled and the bank will do the rest for you, with this banking technique, you will not need to carry any cash when shopping which might be dangerous for your safety. This will enable your bills to be timely settled and make you stop worrying too much on the bill payment. The fnb internet banking program is available online 24/7 and it is very easy to use, since it has very constructive instructions to help you make a sound transaction and be the controller of your own account. In summary your internet banking account will enable you to carry out the following transactions easily on your own:

  • · Send money to your family and friends online without visiting the bank
  • · Pay your electricity bills, insurance premium and telephone bills online from your bank account.
  • · Recharge your prepaid DTH and mobile services account.
  • · Load money to your credit or debit.
  • · Shop-online from the online shopping centers that support payment through internet banking.

To conclude, this service is very good, very convenient and reliable the only things you need to watch are:

  • · Always use strong transaction password and login password plus unique username to protect your account
  • · Keep your Laptop/pc protected and virus free with Internet security suite
  • · Don’t access your online internet banking from the public places like cyber cafe
  • · Immediately inform the bank about any transaction alerts you receive in your email or mobile inbox that you believe you did not do.
  • ·Check all the URLs of the transactions you make online especially when you do online shopping.

But all these should not worry you too much because the fnb internet banking department has a lot of security measures put to detect any malicious transactions from our customers’ accounts and we will endeavor to help identify and rectify them from time to time to ensure that the trust the customers have on fbn bank continues to prosper.


  1. pinky soha says:

    the are two things I want to apply for

    1. Business online banking
    2. Swipe mchine.

  2. Ernest says:

    Great service. Keep it up.

  3. I’m an FNB cheque account holder and would like to do internet banking whilst in foreign country for example Sierra Leone and zimbabwe,I have an. Iphon 4, pliz help cause I might leave any time,don’t want my family to suffer lack of funds.

  4. Sergei Istomin says:

    I wait registration in internet-banking. Htlp.

  5. mrs N.M. Mdlalose says:

    I would like to have a internet bankig

  6. stuurman says:

    i tried to login on the fnb internet but unsuccesful.it keeps saying my password is wrong and i am 100% sure thatb is right.please help

  7. Dumisani Sosibo says:

    Need internet banking

  8. Can I sign up for internet banking on line?

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