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Welcome to our banking website that i will give all the much needed advice on how your banking can be faster,easier and affordable.South Africa is the second richest country on the African content.The country has ernomous potential for business opportunities in all the sectors of the economy.Investors thus need a considerate bank that will offer them exceptional high quality customer service and business constultancy.

Tecnological advancement -login, with fnb

Tecnological advancement in our day revoulutionised the banking industry through innovative and competitive technology that has greatly the cost of banking.Online banking concept allows business people to transact all their businesses by only a touch of a keyboard and mouse at the convinience of clients.Fnb login is a website platform that allows clients to sign in the first national bank website and carry out all their transactions.Online banking has been used by first National bank as a compettive advantage which allows their clients to transact all their deals online without even going to the bank.

fnb online login traditional

This has greatly replaced the traditional way of banking where clients used to qeue awaiting to be served by tellers.Fnb login allows client to access his account details online and thus clients can be able withdraw,deposit or inquire about the account balance.They can also be able to apply for short term loans for either personal or business growth.

client login online with fnb

There are several requirements that clients are required to use so as to make the fnb login of a success.First the client must have a computer and a stable internet connection.Customers are advised that this method of banking is prone to fraud .Customers are required not to disclose their personal identification number through their internet as this can lead to fraud cases.Fnb online baknking has made their clients to be more satisfied with their services offered .Fnb online banking has greatlyreduced the cost of doing business as this method allows clients to save time that could be wasted in the long bank qeues.
Clients should be conversant with computer application skills that will allow him to transact freely and proffessionally .Clients can also be able to make onnline purchases using their www.fnb.co.za account.Mobile banking is an online banking platform that allows customers to be able to transact safely on by the use of their mobile phones. The First national online banking is the most preffered and trusted financial services in South Africa.


  1. how can I do my banking.

  2. faith says:

    what do I need to do to get my bank statement via email?

  3. ayesha says:

    Is there a way for me to retrieve my log in details please have forgotten id login

  4. cynthia says:

    I find it difficult to log sometime I don’t at all hard to dowload in which is a quick way I’m using cellphone banking thanks

  5. alvina mhlawuli says:

    why do you always block my cellbanking pin everytime i have to go to my branch

  6. ehrich matthys says:

    wana change to FNB

  7. Ferhana Bham says:

    I would like to register online

  8. Christel says:


    op watter id log ek in

  9. lynette says:

    i am having problems signing on my password has been rejected
    i have been intom the bank but have had no help there.plse give me a contact no to phone for help

  10. Tom De Waa' says:

    Website does not respond, “ERROR ON WEBPAGE” has been displayed.

  11. Please log me in. I need to do banking transactions.

  12. Veronica says:

    I would like to use my fnb cheque card to purchase something online, how would I open my account to do so? I have just opened a paypal account yesterday.

    Thank You Kindly,

    Veronica Anne Paterson

  13. khumbelo says:

    am trying to register for the internet banking and it says my card number does not exist.

    what can i do because i really need to register as am very tired coz of the long ques.

  14. vuyisile says:

    I like to say thank u fnb to alw me to open account

  15. ramarumo rudzani stephen says:

    I want to register for online banking

  16. norman says:

    good service

  17. Ishmael says:

    Good service @ quagga branch

  18. Hi..

    Help me with login on my online banking I have been forgotten my user ID and password.

    Thank you

    GS Seribe

  19. hans smal says:

    I have been with first national bank forever! And will never cchange my bank and friendly proffesional service for the world!

  20. Greg Pereira says:

    Cannot access my online banking. Been like this for the last 4 days. Help please. Tried your help desk but no joy

  21. Sandile Nquru says:

    I would like to have fnb email address for correspondece

  22. Boitumelo Mkhonto says:

    how do i change my number in terms of recieving notifications because when i registered i didnt own a phone i borrowed one but now i do ….please explain the process to me *thank you*

  23. Gladys Noxolisa Nyide says:

    i love your service,you never failed me

  24. Bhekani says:

    I need your help to riset my banking on line and password



  26. Noel Perumal says:

    Hi, could you kindly assist me to set up internet Banking


  27. nelisiwe mavuso says:

    i need to sign on to my internet banking already registered in the branch

  28. Margret Makamure says:

    Hie. Please assist on starting online banking. I have always used cellphone banking and now i want to change.

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