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Sometimes it is very hard for one to choose a convenient bank to work with since there very many bank. Here are some of the benefits of using the fnb online banking that one has to consider and decide whether they are convenient to you.

Fnb online banking

With fnb online banking, you are able to access services such as saving, taking out a check or a certificate of deposit account through the internet. This will save a lot of time that could be used to travel and queue in a bank. This service also ensures that you can do your business all around the clock without worrying about the issue of the bank operating hours. This also comes with the issue of security. You do not have to carry loads of cash to take it to bank. This can be easily done through the fbn online banking where you are able to deposit your money to your account through the internet.

more with fnb online

With the fnb online banking, one is able to conveniently check your account balance and other banking information from different location at all times without having to travel to the bank. These services are ideal for businesspersons and other workers especially if their work involves travelling a lot. Most of the time these people travel to many countries and states and it is not a wonder to find that the bank does not have an outlet in the given state.

automatic bill pay

The fnb online banking also have an automatic bill-paying feature. Most companies or businesses tend to do business with each other quit often. With this fnb online feature, you do not have to sit down and write a check and mail it every now and then. The feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is set your account in such a way on a certain date some funds will be transferred from your account and be sent to the account of your debtor’s top pay for their services. The payments will be made at the set date provided you are doing business with them. Remember to deactivate this service if you terminate your contract.

your fnb online accounts

The fnb online banking also enable one to easily transfer funds across different fbn accounts. This is not a hassle since it is done by just clicking a button. There are also free check request to your account together with many other services.

The www.fnb.co.za online services include the issue of access to a debit card that withdraws money from your account when you decide to purchase an item. The debit card is accepted in many locations where the visa debit is accepted. The fnb online banking is simply incredibly convenient for every one


  1. Ncebakazi says:

    Hey fnb i need help i dnt wnna comment, i wnt to knw hw can i apply 4 a basury nd where can i go to apply 4 it please its ergent i have to apply in iqacademy but i dnt hv money, nd the closing date 4 registration is 31 december if u cn help me please sms me here 0787257538 or call me please.

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    please I am so frustrated I have been trying to login in to my account but with this new system I cannot do thru. I need somebody to contact me as a matter of urgency. 073 7237

  4. Elaine says:

    Does the First national Bank of South Africa have an international card which allows South African citizens to withdraw money in Australia without excessive fees?

  5. yoliswa mbambo says:

    I want to reverse my money is R2600 I finish to pay on february

  6. Manfred Allbert Richard Hennies says:

    I need to register for Online Banking for Personal Banking but do not find the form to be completed
    My account is at branch 255355 South Africa

  7. Seane says:

    Nice Article:)

  8. Rebecca Semela says:

    I would like to continue using online banking but I forgot my login credentials as whenever I try registering again it says im already registered.

  9. NKOSINATHI says:

    I happy with the service at the moment

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    I will like to register for internet banking

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    please activate my online banking

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    pliz can you help me toactivate my card so that I can use itfor online banking at anastasiadate for purchase the biiling thank you.

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